Pdf Briefs DDR2 Meta SD RAM

Back in 2001, Samsung introduced the first iteration of DDR2 RAM. And then, 2 years later, JEDEC standards organization has awarded Samsung the Technology Recognition Award. This is to recognize the efforts exerted by the company to standardize and develop DDR2 RAM.

A Quick Trip to History

In second quarter of the same year, DDR2 RAM was launched officially at two clock rates which are:

  1. 200 MHz that is referred to as PC2-3200 and;
  2. 266 MHZ or called as PC2-4200

Because of the high latency, the performances of the two were worse compared to original DDR specs, extending the access time.

On the other hand, highest clock rate of original DDR technology is approximately 200 MHz or 400 MT/s.

There are of course DDR chips that are rated with better performance but JEDEC stated that they are not going to standardize them. Majority of the chips are already standard DDR chips. This have been tested and also recognized by manufacturer to operate at high clock rates.

It Catches Up

These chips are consuming more power compared to chips with slow clock. But normally, there’s no significant improvement in real-life performance. With the innovation leading to lower latency modules, DDR2 RAM started to go head on with old DDR standards by the end of 2004.