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Are there any significant difference between DDR4 and DDR3? No doubt, the latter had a nice run while DDR4 is marketed as the new preferred memory. DDR3 was initially introduced in the market back in 2007 and is used in pretty much everything from AMDs FM1/2/2+ and AM3/AM3+ as well as in Intel’s LGA1366 to LGA1151 but only on the 6th and 7th gen cores only.

Latest Tech needs Latest Components

On the other hand, all of the modern platforms starting 2017 have then moved to DDR4 only and majority of the Intel platforms have moved away from DDR3 with 6th Gen Skylake CPUs.

Therefore, if you are planning to have an 8th gen or 9th gen CPU core or later or perhaps an AMD Ryzen processor, make sure that you have a DDR4 in your computer.

Is there much Difference?

DDR4 is operating at lower power compared to DDR3. In most cases, DDR is running at just 1.2 volts, compared to the 1.5 volt power need to operate DDR3. While it does not sound that much, there are actually low voltage DDR3L modules and DDR4 modules were voltage overlaps. However, standard modules are set at 1.2 and 1.5 volts. The difference in voltage may account for 15W savings than a DDR3.

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