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Buying Your RAM Module

Having a minimum of 4GB RAM is extremely important. However, the latest DDR4 RAMs are quite heavy on the budget. If ever you’ve seen a desktop that have DDR3 RAM slots on the other hand, you may buy them at a lower price.

In such case, how you can be so certain that you are getting the best deal for such? In that case, better read the next tips.

How much RAM?

Just before you go any further, you have to ask yourself to why you want to buy it?

If you wish to buy RAM for your desktop or laptop primarily for video editing or gaming purposes, 3D modeling or any heavy applications, then you definitely need RAM that has high storage.

Normally, 16GB RAM is the minimum. But if you’re frustrated with a 2GB RAM and just needs more for general applications, then the 4GB RAM modules should do. If budget is not a problem though, then push it to 8GB.


Out of 10 new buyers, 3 of them are not checking the computer whether it is capable of handling all the RAM stick sand if it has support for it. Because of this, they need to go back to the store and exchange it for a new one.

Avoid this situation before it happens by ensuring that your motherboard and CPU supports the RAM.