Do you ever wonder what is making a computer’s CPU fast? Does it lie in the clock-speed, cache size, processor brand or number of cores? Well in a nutshell, for animation purposes, majority of the integral CPU features are being optimized for clock speed. The CPU’s clock speed is a lot more important compared to the number of cores used or the brand manufacturer.

Understanding CPU Speed

In the event that your CPU has lower clock speed, then your viewport may be sluggish and you will not see the animation you are expecting in real-time. In most cases, the CPU normally has base clock speed similar to 2.6GHz in Intel i7 processors coupled with higher turbo boost clock that is intended to boost the CPU to about 5.0GHz on some of the cores.

CPU Boosting Technology

Basically, CPU boosting technologies will be able to automatically overclock the CPU only if not all the cores are put into use simultaneously, the temperature of the CPU is below the threshold or if its power is drawing below the threshold.

What this simply means is, having higher turbo boost clock will be performing much of the load work in speeding up viewport while also animating it.