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RAM or Random Access Memory’s job is to create a space in your computer to do various tasks. These tasks can literally be anything from:

  • Loading applications
  • Editing spreadsheet
  • Browsing the web
  • Playing the latest games
  • Watching videos

Executing Machine Language Instructions

Memory allows to move back and forth among these tasks remembering what you have done last when switching to the other. As a general rule, the more the memory that you have, the better.

As you turn on your system and open a Word document to edit, but first checked your email, you have used the memory in multiple ways than you thought. Memory is responsible for loading and running applications similar to your web browser, Word document and the likes.

Expanding RAM’s Memory

Memory is always used actively by the entire system. In the event that the system is unresponsive or slow, then you might have to upgrade your memory. If you feel that you need increase your memory, it is pretty easy to upgrade the RAM of your laptop or desktop. This alone should solve the problem you have with slow response or loading time.

There are many guides online that teaches how to buy RAM modules, so this should not pose any problems.