Do You Need Telescopic Poles For Hiking and Mountaineering?

These days, technology is at its best. Technology designed the ultimate hiking gear and clothing needed for hiking and mountaineering fanatics. In this post, Ballachy, a website that features all sorts of outdoor gears and items, gives us an insight on telescopic poles and why hikers and mountaineers need one.

Why do you actually need telescopic poles, and which one is right for me? Experts in outdoor explorations have put together the most important information for you: Poles make walking safer and more efficient, and the knee joints are relieved on the descent. Poles are standard on tours with heavy luggage, as well as when you are out and about with touring skis or snowshoes. Poles are also very convenient for winter hiking without snowshoes and on high tours, where you walk on rather flat glaciers.

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Fortunately, choosing the right stick is not as difficult as choosing a mountain boot, cell phone, or pet. Therefore, the following points to consider are also manageable.

Number of segments

Trekking poles usually have 3 parts. As a result, they can not only be adjusted to the right length but also (pushed together) easily stowed away – for example in luggage or on the outside of a backpack. The latter is ideal when the mountain gets steeper or you take the bus back to the starting point of a hiking tour. Important on buses and trains: the tips point downwards!

2-part touring poles are particularly recommended for ski tours. When carrying bulky skis, it doesn’t matter whether the poles pack away compactly or not.

Logically, 4-part telescopic poles go closer together than 3-part ones – an advantage for transport. In my opinion, that doesn’t justify the additional “fumbling” during use and the (slightly) higher weight.

New types of 3 or 4-part folding poles are interesting for minimalists who value a small pack size and low weight. They (usually) do without the possibility of length adjustment and pay a higher price.

Materials and weight

Gram hunters cannot avoid expensive carbon poles. In my experience, however, they break more quickly than those made of aluminum alloys when subjected to really heavy loads. Of course, not only the material but also the material thickness is relevant in this context. Heavier poles tend to be more stable than lighter ones and better suited for heavier people and expeditions.

Handle and wrist strap

Lightweight foam grips that wrap the top segment are ideal for mountaineering. This allows the poles to be gripped well below the grip on steep terrain. For this purpose, you can also cover the bare pipe yourself with handlebar tape or something similar. wrap. When trekking, it is particularly important that the handle feels good and fits well in the hand. Soft plastics are common, with more expensive models also having cork handles, which is very comfortable. Good sticks have the grips angled slightly forward. A fine hand strap is important that does not pinch or chafe. Otherwise, there will be blisters. If the buckle for adjusting the length is hidden in the handle, this is ideal. A buckle on the back of the hand gets in the way unless you wear gloves that pad everything.

Locking System

The classic clamping mechanism that sits in the tube is not bad, but it does have weaknesses: the clamp occasionally loosens on its own on tour. On multi-day winter tours with bivouacs, I often had the problem that the clamp didn’t work at all. Most users will be able to handle both. However, the fasteners, which work according to the principle of a quick release on the bicycle seat post, are more reliable. At Leki, for example, this system is called the “Speed ​​Lock System”. As the name suggests, adjusting the length is also much faster.

Conclusion: Do you need a telescopic pole on your next trekking adventure?

Seasoned hikers usually have a single stick-on classic high-altitude tour. However, anyone who is reasonably fit and healthy should not walk with sticks all the time– otherwise, the balance will probably suffer. Summer hikes go well without them, the same applies to walks in the pedestrian zone in Oberstdorf. But it is always nice to have a good telescopic pole in stock to come in handy when needed especially when trekking during the winter months.

Tips for Project Managers to Get the Most Out of Technology

Project managers are the ones who oversee the execution of project goals. They are responsible for making sure that the project is on track and that its objectives are met. Project managers need to be aware of the latest technology trends and how it can help them with their work. They should also be prepared for how technology can change in the near future.

Here are some tips for project managers to get the most out of technology:

– Look into new technologies before they become mainstream and implement them as soon as possible

– Create a culture where everyone feels comfortable asking questions

– Be open to change, embrace new ideas and adapt your mindset

Tips for Managing Technology Projects in the Modern Era

Technology has been changing the way we work and live in the modern era. It has made work a lot easier, but it also makes it more complicated. This is because of the new tools and technology that are introduced every day, which keeps people on their toes. Managing technology projects in this era is not easy, but there are some tips that can make things easier for you.

– Define your goals before starting to manage a project

– Make sure that your team members are familiar with the tools they will be using

– Plan ahead and set deadlines

– Keep track of all your tasks and deadlines

How to Increase Efficiency and Productivity with Technology in Project Management

The introduction of technology in the workplace has been a trend that is continuing to grow. This trend has created new opportunities and problems for the workforce. This article will discuss how technology can help with efficiency and productivity in project management.

Some tools that have been developed to increase efficiency and productivity in project management include:

– Project management software

– Decision support systems

– Enterprise resource planning tools

– Project portfolio management software


Alkmaar : The City with Impressive Historical and Cultural Elements Amidst a Modern Setting

The city of Alkmaar in The Netherlands is one of the most visited cultural destinations in north-western Europe for a number of cultural and historical reasons. Alkmaar lies amidst the world’s largest field of tulips, surrounded by picturesque reclaimed areas near spectacular sandy beaches and charming Dutch villages.

Alkmaar’s Famous Medieval Cheese Market

Another thing that draws many tourists to Alkmaar is the Waagplein traditional cheese market. Here, up to 2200 whole cheeses or 30 000 kilos of a variety of cheeses are lined up every Friday and traded in accordance with the centuries-old, medieval traditions.

The cheese market may be the main attraction in the city, but there are actually hundreds of national monuments located along the city’s vintage canals. In fact, more than three thousand well-preserved historical buildings still stand erect. Some of them were built during medieval times like the town hall (1520) being used by the city administrators.

Unwavering Commitment to Achieving the Country’s Circular Economy Goal

This Dutch city does not hang on to historical and traditional cultures, because it’s also a modern and technology-driven city. Alkmaar’s economy is built on sustainable innovations and modern methods of offering tourism, entrepreneurship and health care.
Numerous technological projects have been completed, tested and continuously being developed by companies, likewise committed to creating sustainable and renewable green energy forms.
The municipality of Alkmaar has, in fact, the most sustainable heating systems in all of the Netherlands, which runs on a Bio-Energy plant. The multiple impressive technological projects are at present, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the Dutch city. That is why the local government is confident that the municipality will be able to attain the country’s overall objective of maintaining a circular economy by 2040.

Even Alkmaar’s wastewater treatment plant, which is located in the center of the city, was replaced by a new greenhouse water treatment facility that freed up 94% of the former 3.3 hectare treatment plant. Moreover, treated water produced by the facility is reusable in several ways and at the same time, can be released for use by the environment.

This is one reason why plumbing companies in Alkmaar must be quite knowledgeable about the modern technologies utilized in the city’s sewage and treatment facilities. Many of the buildings in the city are centuries old resulting in plumbing problems if new installations do not meet the Dutch government’s standards.

A plumber or loodgieter Alkmaar homeowners must hire should have well rounded experience and proper training in solving plumbing problems. Otherwise, failure to address the root cause of leaking pipes or clogged drainages could result not only in sewage backups but also in costly structural damages.

Exterior Painting Ideas For Your Home

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